What is QuickAuth

QuickAuth is an open-source user system which supports OAuth. By using QuickAuth, you can log in to some websites without sign up for another account, which most likely will be used only once. Frankly speaking, only my websites would use this platform.(hahah)

How to use QuickAuth (As a user)

As a user: All you need to do is when the websites you visit redirect you here, fill in your username and password, hit the button. Done!

How to use QuickAuth (As a developer)

Here is a demo, help yourself.

Why will I use QuickAuth

You don't have to own a Google account, but when you access some Google products, you need one, right?

What kind of information can be accessed

In short,information such as username, email, verified or not, and some personal information(granted by the user) can be accessed.

I am a developer, how to guarantee the auth

The process of auth is:
1. Client redirect user to QuickAuth, attaching your redirect uri
2. User sign on to finish grant
3. Redirect to uri requested, attaching auth code and state
4. Client sending auth code and others values to QuickAuth in the backend
5. QuickAuth response information in json for success, or error info in json for invalid auth key
Note: It is a standard OAuth progress.

How long will the auth be valid

The access token is valid for 30 days, but it is recommended to refresh token timely in case user revokes.

What is the relationship between this and OAuth

We try our best to make this a standard implementation of OAuth.

Why it says unable to deliver email to my email address

Possible reasons
1. Email address not exist.
2. Your email address provider refused that email.
3. Our email service provider is busy now, please try again later.
4. In order to avoid abuse, maximum request exceeded from your request, please try another day.
5. If neither of them can solve your problem, please contact us.


This document has not been completed. If you have any problem, please contact me at support@newnius.com